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We offer IT Consulting Services
We will meet all of your IT needs.
APA Consultants offers a complete IT consulting for the small to large business.
IT for Management needs, Management Tools and Reports are our Forte.
Information Systems our strength.
Our Services
Our team can help you with
  1. erp, accouning,  management procedures, databases, spreadsheets
    Start-Up Advice
    We offer startup services like advice on and setup of ERP, Accounting packages, management procedures, Sheets and Databases.
  2. ERP, Management tools, accounting.
    IT enhancements
    We can help with more complex management tools and procedures for those who are outgrowing their current IT, Accounting and management setup.
  3. Custom development
    Custom Development
    If you need custom Development, we can Analyze and Develop or Subcontract it on your behalf. We can also provide all Project Management services.
Business IT Consulting
We offer high quality, experienced Business IT Consultancy at very reasonable rates.
There are no minimum hours. 

We offer flexiblilty of trying and testing before committing for any long term projects and pay as you go.

We can provide you expertise, so as to help you
  • Decide on Accounting, ERP,  CRM, Software systems.
  • Work with Salesforce, Netsuite and Other Systems. 
  • Develop Management tools like Databases, Spreadsheets for management  efficiency.
  • Subcontract out custom development. and manage Project.

  • Analyse business from management controls and procedures or for technical development.
  • Do a Mangment Audit if would you like a fresh pair of eyes on a long term issue.
  • Research, Analyse and Reccomend in any Business, Technical area you want.
  • Train your people in Management tools, especially complex Spread Sheets and Access Reports.

If you have any questions, or would like us to come in for a talk. 
Please do not hesitate to send us a message. 
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